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Long Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklaces Now Available

Akoya pearl long strand necklace

Long Akoya cultured pearl necklaces now available in our London store.

As diverse as April in bloom, long Akoya necklaces can be worn as one simply elegant row, doubled-up for decadence, or in triple rows for depth in beauty; they can suit any occasion, looking gorgeous, casual or traditional.

What better way to celebrate the inspirational transition into spring, than with the gleaming shades of white with a hint of pink present in these beautiful pearl necklaces, that emulate the fresh, bright lights of early spring sunshine, and the length and excitement of the long evenings that lie ahead?

Longer strand lengths start at Opera (32’’), progressing to Rope (48’’), up to an exceptional 100’’. The Mikimoto Bond Street store offer a bespoke service where strands can be strung to order for a customer’s required length. No length is too long, however the customer may have to wait for the perfect long strand to pass Mikimoto’s strict standards. Each pearl will be matched in colour, size, lustre and surface perfection. Prices start from £6880.

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