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What are Golden South Sea Pearls?


These special, opulent pearls are produced by the golden-lipped oyster (that can also produce highly luminescent white pearls), found mostly around the warm waters of South East Asia.

This tropical oceanic climate gives these pearls their sought after warm, natural golden colour – said to be equivalent to gold itself. The colours of these pearls range from champagne to deep gold – the rarest of the golden colours.

Harvested in sizes from approx 9mm, they are available in round, oval, teardrop or baroque shapes. The choice of pearl colour depends on an individual’s style, culture and taste, however, Golden South Sea pearls are particularly popular amongst those with darker skin tones.

Buying advice for Golden South Sea Pearls:

A 11-12 mm South Sea Golden pearl strand necklace is available from £35,000 – the higher price bracket is due to the difficulty in finding good colour and lustre in these rarer, special pearls.

The many different colours and unique shades and tints found within these natural phenomenons, make South Sea Golden pearls ideal for those seeking a pearl with maximum individual character.

New Arrival:

Mikimoto’s new range, World of Creativity (photo above), features the Golden South Sea Pearl in all its golden glory; the perfect showcase for these exquisite beauties of the deep. The World of Creativity Pendant features a 11.5-12mm Golden South Sea pearl set in 18k yellow gold, and the World of Creativity Earrings feature 10.5-11mm Golden South Sea pearls set in 18k white gold.