Pearl Chain Necklace 40cm - Yellow Gold

PPL 129 K

18 Akoya cultured pearls (5mm) in 18k yellow gold chain. The necklace is 40cm long.
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AAAExceptional, Mirror-Like ReflectionBlemish-Free Surface*
AASuperb, Clear ReflectionVery Slightly Blemished
A+Very Good, Clear ReflectionVery Slightly Blemished
AGood, Clear ReflectionVery Slightly Blemished
A1Good, Clear ReflectionSlightly Blemished

* Tiny marks are part of the pearl's natural texture.

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Strand Lengths

How to choose the perfect necklace
Strand Lengths

Mikimoto Quality

The best cultured pearls in the world
Mikimoto Quality

Choose Your Perfect Strand Necklace Length

If in doubt, use this simple guideline: longer strands of bigger pearls make a more dramatic fashion statement; shorter strands, while classic and elegant, can easily be dressed 'up' or 'down' for casual occasions. So if you're sporty, go shorter; sophisticated, go long. Still can't decide? Opt for the mid-length Princess strand, which flatters every lifestyle and body type.

Commitment to the Highest Quality

This Pearl Pyramid represents the quantity and quality of all cultured pearls harvested in Japan. Only the best cultured pearls are deemed worthy to carry the Mikimoto name. The Mikimoto pearl grading scale is the only qualified system that accurately and consistently defines a pearl's quality of four individual grade categories.
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Pearl Chain Necklace 40cm - Yellow Gold