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Floral Bouquet Pendant

PP 20117D W

Pendant with 5.25-6.75mm Akoya cultured pearls, set in 18k white gold and 0.64ct of diamonds. The chain length is adjustable, from 45cm to 48cm.

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Strand Lengths

How to choose the perfect necklace
Strand Lengths

Mikimoto Quality

The best cultured pearls in the world
Mikimoto Quality

Choose Your Perfect Strand Necklace Length

If in doubt, use this simple guideline: longer strands of bigger pearls make a more dramatic fashion statement; shorter strands, while classic and elegant, can easily be dressed 'up' or 'down' for casual occasions. So if you're sporty, go shorter; sophisticated, go long. Still can't decide? Opt for the mid-length Princess strand, which flatters every lifestyle and body type.

Commitment to the highest quality

Each pearl harvested is as individual as a fingerprint, making it essential to establish quality grading standards. As the Originator of Cultured Pearls, Mikimoto maintains the strictest standards.

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Floral Bouquet Pendant