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Our Wings to Fly

MIKIMOTO founder Kokichi Mikimoto constantly looked to the world as the platform for Mikimoto's expansion. While he continued to pursue perfectly beautiful pearls, he integrated European jewellery making skills with Japanese tradition. This resulted in the uniqueness of MIKIMOTO jewellery which has since been recognised at international expositions and has established MIKIMOTO as a world famous brand. This bird pendant is part of a collection representing the superb skills that are applied into the creation of MIKIMOTO jewellery. The design is a fusion of the evocative Art Deco style with a typically Japanese understated beauty, resulting in a beautiful and delicate pendant which transcends time. This stunning piece is a superb manifestation of Kokichi Mikimoto's desire to present a Japanese aesthetic which has since been embraced by the world.

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Pendant PP-77136P

Platinum、Akoya Keshi pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Spinel, Diamond, Onyx

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