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Our Pearl Journey

Akoya pearls represent the very foundation of MIKIMOTO jewellery. Since founder Kokichi Mikimoto became the first person in the world to succeed in creating cultured pearls, it has been the mystical beauty of this gemstone that has been the focus of the MIKIMOTO brand. These bracelets, designed like cuffs, are the very representation of the essence of MIKIMOTO - to create and nurture pearls. The delicate rows of Akoya pearls are the very manifestation of the extensive knowledge and sophisticated skills of pioneer Kokichi Mikimoto, who knew all there is to know about pearls. MIKIMOTO will continue its pearl journey as it explores ever new designs representing the ultimate in beauty. The firm commitment and a vision of the future which have continued through the decades are evident in this masterpiece, a showcase for beautifully shimmering pearls.

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Bracelet RD-8798GU

18K White Gold, Akoya Cultured Pearl, Diamond.

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