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A coral story, the fruit of a rich imagination

The diamonds glitter like ocean foam, while the opals represent delicate fish playfully darting through the water. The mystic beauty of coral has been enhanced by the glow and gleam of various precious stones in this stunning piece.


The shining fish find themselves in a coral forest, while diamonds, representing ocean foam, are linked to a chain featuring multiple pearls. The brightly shining diamonds and the soft glow of the pearls combine to create a stunningly beautiful and organic example of jewellery at its best.

The design featuring precious stones embedded between the metallic coral branches could only have been realized by MIKIMOTO’s superb craftsmanship. In this extravagant design, the precious stones are actually partially obscured to create a beautiful fantasy world of fish darting about inside the coral.

Image Description Here
Pendant PP-6774NU

18K White Gold, White South Sea Cultured Pearl, Opal, Spinel, Tourmaline, Diamond

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