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Fine jewellery depicting the beautiful dynamism of life

This piece conveys both the graceful movements and the supple and lissom silhouette of the giant oarfish as it wanders elegantly through the ocean. The detailed craftsmanship that masterfully creates the impression of white gold draped over the piece is nothing short of a work of art.


Meanwhile, the breathtakingly large tanzanite enhances the dramatic beauty of life. This meeting of bold design, the craftsman's delicate workmanship and the rare precious stone takes creativity to new heights.

The rich imagination behind this stunning piece of fine jewellery, inspired by the shape of a unique fish, is the very embodiment of MIKIMOTO's tradition of celebrating the wonders of nature.

Image Description Here
Necklace RG-1229NU

18K White Gold, Akoya Cultured Pearl, White South Sea Cultured Pearl, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Diamond

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