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A vivid dynamism underpinned by a lissome beauty

This dramatic ring features a brilliant and glittering ruby, the design of which has been inspired by lava bursting to the surface. It is a piece that showcases the designer's contemporary sensibility in the vivid and dynamic depiction of a natural wonder.


This brilliant piece represents the moment when high temperature magma – the result of underwater volcanic activity – cools and hardens. Here, through MIKIMOTO's craftsmanship, the gradations of red which represent magmatic droplets have been “embroidered” with other effect colors of alexandrite.

These parts move flexibly when touched, arousing delight in the wearer, while the ring itself fits perfectly onto the finger. This piece is an embodiment of traditional aesthetics and the MIKIMOTO brand's continuing legacy which has always been the exploration and creation of jewellery “to be worn”.

Image Description Here
Ring RGR-72076R

Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, Alexandrite, Diamond

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