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Longing for nature with subtle brilliance and dynamic beauty

Mikimoto showcases the flamboyant butterfly fluttering as a praise to nature. This necklace features a large Paraiba tourmaline, representing the purity of water, attracting beautiful butterflies.


Along with beautifully gradated pearl drapes, this necklace features the deep and rich sparkles of emeralds, sapphires and tanzanites.

The necklace is an exquisite work of art in a three-dimensional design in which butterflies flutter about. Mikimoto's craftsmanship skillfully depicts a sweet longing for nature.

Image Description Here
Necklace WG-8837GZ

18K White Gold, Akoya Cultured Pearl, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Emerald, Tanzanite, Alexandrite, Amethyst, Diamond

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