Whether you desire a pair of luminous Akoya, South Sea or Baroque cultured pearl earrings,
Mikimoto has the jewelry design that perfectly fits your personal style. Enjoy these sumptuous
gems of the sea. "The gem of queens, and the queen of gems"

Moonlight Earrings


Laurel Earrings


Laurel Earrings

PEL10128D W

Black South Sea Stud Earrings


Golden South Sea Stud Earrings


Bubble Earrings

PE 1408 K

Art Deco Earrings

PE 1512D W

Vintage Earrings

PE 1516D W

Vintage Earrings

PE 1521D W

Bubble Earrings

PE 1568 W

Kaguwashi Earrings

PE 1605D K

Ruyi Earrings - Akoya

PEH 5446D W

Dandelion Earrings

PEH 5434D Z

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