Pearl Types

Pearl Types

Dandelion Ring

PRH 5473 Z2

Fortune Leaves Ring

PR 1434NDW

Clover Ring

PR 1407D C

White South Sea pendant in white gold


Golden South Sea pendant


Golden South Sea pendant with diamond


Black South Sea Pendant


Black South Sea Pendant with Diamond


Golden South Sea Stud Earrings


Black South Sea Stud Earrings


Black South Sea Necklace

UBZ10155BDW 2288

Black South Sea Baroque Necklace

UBQ14532H 5924

Laurel Pendant

PPL10152D W

Dandelion Pendant

PPH 5337D Z

Fortune Leaves Pendant

PP 20398NDW

Queen Bear Pendant

PP 20316D K

Clover Pendant

PP 20201D C

Bubble Pendant

PP 20183 K

Art Deco Pendant

PP 20095D W

Laurel Earrings

PEL10127D W

Dandelion Earrings

PEH 5434D Z

Bubble Earrings

PE 1568 W

Eve Bracelet

PD 234D W

Cherry Blossom Brooch

PB 20060D Z

Flower Lace Necklace

KZP 1337D W

Jeux de Rubans - Bracelet

WDP 8540D W 2

Ring Conch Pearl

PR 7736CDP

Yaguruma Pendant

PP 20510D K

Yaguruma Pendant

PP 20509D W

Moonlight Earrings


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