In the hands of our talented artisans, these awe-inspiring gems take on many glorious forms.
Exquisite handcrafting spares no effort in creating the perfect settings for these ravishing

White South Sea pendant in white gold


Golden South Sea pendant


Golden South Sea pendant with diamond


Black South Sea Pendant


Black South Sea Pendant with Diamond


Laurel Pendant

PPL10154D W

Laurel Pendant

PPL10153D W

Laurel Pendant

PPL10152D W

Dandelion Pendant

PPH 5337D Z

Fortune Leaves Pendant

PP 20398NDW

Kaguwashi Pendant

PP 20323D K

Queen Bear Pendant

PP 20316D K

Morning Star Pendant

PP 20303D W

Frost Pendant

PP 20272NDW

Frost Pendant

PP 20271NDW

Clover Pendant

PP 20201D C

Bubble Pendant

PP 20183 K

Olive Cluster Pendant

PP 20165D W

World of Creativity Pendant

PP 20130D W

Art Deco Pendant

PP 20095D W

Vintage Pendant

PP 1813D W

Vintage Pendant

PP 1811D W

Vintage Pendant

PP 1810D W

Yaguruma Pendant

PP 20510D K

Yaguruma Pendant

PP 20509D W

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