In the hands of our talented artisans, these awe-inspiring gems take on many glorious forms.
Exquisite handcrafting spares no effort in creating the perfect settings for these ravishing

Black South Sea Pendant


Laurel Pendant

PPL10152D W

Dandelion Pendant

PPH 5337D Z

Fortune Leaves Pendant

PP 20398NDW

Queen Bear Pendant

PP 20316D K

Clover Pendant

PP 20201D C

Bubble Pendant

PP 20183 K

Art Deco Pendant

PP 20095D W

Jeux de Rubans

PP 20528D W

Jeux de Rubans

PP 20529D K

Yaguruma Pendant

PP 20510D K

Yaguruma Pendant

PP 20509D W

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