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Corporate Philosophy

As a global luxury jeweller
Mikimoto is dedicated to creating a sense of beauty and elegance in the lives of people throughout the world.

Corporate Guidelines


Mikimoto values all interactions with our customers and always treats them with the best care and attention.
Mikimoto wants to value our encounters with our customers.
We are deeply grateful for our customers for choosing Mikimoto and hope that all our customers will be satisfied and impressed whenever they come to us.
We will always strive to provide the best welcome to all our guests.


Mikimoto thinks from the customer's point of view and provides products that satisfy them.
Mikimoto always ensures our products are of the highest quality and originality, we listen to the voice of our customers.
We will continue to provide products that satisfy our customers.
We strive to ensure responsible transactions throughout our supply chain, from procurement to manufacturing and through to sales.


Mikimoto aims to be a company that is loved by customers all over the world.
Mikimoto aims to continue to be loved by customers, business partners and employees while striving for harmony with society from all backgrounds and across all societies and cultures.
We aim to be a trusted company. Understanding and respecting the culture and history of each and every country, region and people all over the world.
We will work for a better world.


Mikimoto considers the natural environment and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society. Mikimoto protects the sea that nurtures our pearls and other plants and animals
We will strive to reduce the environmental burden of our production and sales processes and aim for coexistence with nature.
In addition, we will contribute to the development of the local community and the jewelry industry through all corporate activities.


Mikimoto will always work with cultural customs and practices as well as laws of each country we are present in and fulfill its responsibilities as a member of society.
Mikimoto wants human rights to be respected by always giving consideration and observing the cultural and social practices and laws, we will carry out fair and sound transactions and fulfill our social responsibilities as a company.